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            Elephant Matriarch Project

A new generation of confident environmental leaders will arise to inspire and lead Africa and the world!

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Mission Statement

            The Elephant Matriarch Project is an educational and vocational project for young, undereducated mothers, their children, and their community. Its aim is to lift up an under-served population, and by offering inspiring and practical information as well as academic advancement — to improve their security, know-how, knowledge and love of animals and the environment while ensuring their vocational futures.


Location and Background

           The geographic focus of the project is the rural community of Kajire near Voi, Kenya, adjacent to Tsavo East National Park, the largest wildlife park in Africa. Due to elephants and other wild animals leaving the park on their ancient migratory routes, there is a high degree of human-wildlife conflict with the local people- which often results in human fear, injury, and even death, as well as loss of crops– which brings on the spearing and killing of wildlife.


Purpose and Objective

             The project will have educational and practical outreach to the entire community, with a special emphasis on building leadership among the large population of young under educated mothers and children who reside in the rural areas of Kenya. Young mothers will learn leadership skills from the example of the mighty elephant matriarch – kind, caring, knowledgeable and respected by the whole herd – for inspiration.           

            All students as well as members of the surrounding community, will become knowing in the ways of wildlife as well as those of human development, and be able to take their places in their communities as skilled leaders. The young children of the girls will also have a safe place to begin their education and learn to protect their environment.

            The community will participate in meetings at the school regularly regarding safety from and appreciation of wildlife, as well as increased knowledge of climate change and methods of enhancing the land.

            Top conservationists from Kenya as well as other countries, shall be invited to give symposiums, workshops and courses for the students and community members, with our facility hopefully becoming a hub and model for similar projects in Kenya and beyond.   The local population will be able to obtain work as rangers, tour guides, beekeepers, eco-farmers, vegan chefs, and other earth-friendly vocations.


The Need Is Great

            From Kenya News Agency: Taita- Taveta
County health records show the numbers of teenage
pregnancies surging. The County Health Information Management shows that 1,929 teenage girls became
pregnant between Jan. and Aug. 2021. “In most cases, early pregnancies disrupt young girls’ schooling and psychological well being.”

            From Tsavo Trust: In 2022, “As the direct result of the drought, 109 elephants from the Tsavo National Parks have died.” This puts human neighbors to the park at risk. It puts our elephants at risk from people trying to protect their property. Human-elephant conflict is an increasingly prominent challenge elephant conservationists face. Elephants are essential to the health and maintenance of the ecosystem. Without elephants, the African Savannah grasslands would not be what they are.

            From the Star (Kenya): Kenyan Wildlife Service General Wawaru says, “The region has been experiencing unending human-wildlife conflict, with herds of elephants straying on farms as they search for pastures and water.”


            The founders of the Elephant Matriarch Project include two Kenyans and one American who are working to create a special and much needed organization for the good of all, girls, babies, the communities, and not least the precious elephants and other local wildlife.

            Hari Rama, B.S., Certificated in Leadership and Stress Management, is currently employed by the County Assembly of Kwale County, Kenya, where he has been an Engineer in charge of projects, University Professor, as well as Advisor regarding youth training. He has worked as project director and chairman of two NGO’s – Young Mothers Kenya and Africa Child Kenya, and held many leadership positions in the education arena. He believes human beings are destroying the environment. “Animals will have no place to live if human behavior will not change.” He is the father of four young girls. He will be the director of the project.

          Roseline Mwake Nzighe, was raised in Kajire. largely by her grandfather, who taught her that elephants are part of the family. She has graciously obtained from him the very land we will build the project upon.  Among many jobs, she has worked as a Project Coordinator with an international tour operator, with activities focused on wildlife and marine conservation and community development. “Strong women need to have the opportunity to lead like matriarchs. If we have a base where we can offer skills peacefully and safely under one roof, the potential for change will be much higher.” She is the mother of two young girls and will help administer the project.

                Georja Umano, M.A., writer, performing artist and children’s nature docent, is a longtime elephant advocate. Her recent novel, “Terriers in the Jungle” has garnished eight national and international awards. As a journalist she has traveled from California to Kenya to learn about African elephants and interview many wonderful conservations there. She had an opportunity to work with Kenyan rural young girls with babies and was shocked to see their lack of knowledge about the natural world. Hence was born the idea for the Elephant Matriarch Project. Please refer to



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